Website Design and Development Services St George Ut

Website Design and Development Services based in St George, Ut.

We deliver awesomeness through service!

We are a team of web development specialists.  You get amazing results when you can get a 20+ team of graphic designers, online marketers, and skilled web developers (programmers) under one roof.  How do we get such an amazing team outside of a major metropolitan area? We draw talent from all parts of the country because once you visit St George, you'll want to live here -- it's awesome.  Not only that, we focus on clear communication across all disciplines (graphic design, marketing, development) -- both internal and external -- which is best when everyone works from the same office.

Our true specialty is in web application development, specifically with the Python and Django framework and server-side JavaScript (Node and NodeJS).  We also have extensive experience with custom e-commerce.  We also have several successful mobile apps under our belt.  

Our History

  • 2005
  • 2016

Velocity Webworks started in 2005 in Idaho Falls. Our first few clients were friends that needed help with website maintenance and hosting. Gradually the number of clients grew strictly through referrals. Our team grew in proportion to the number of clients we were serving.  The values of being available, reliable, skilled, and offering great service to underserved niches has helped form who Velocity is today. Being entrepreneurial in spirit, we've also spun off a few other technology-related ventures.  In the fall of 2015, Velocity was acquired by iGlobal Stores, an international e-commerce business, adding more resources to Velocity's arsenal.


  • Custom E-Commerce & Integrations
  • Web-based Applications
  • Python & Django Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Our team has grown to over 30 members and we now actively serve hundreds of companies all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond. Our programmers have won programming competitions. Our clients have expanded their businesses tremendously as a result of the services we've rendered.  We give back to our community by leading local technology-related meetups, participating on the boards of various organizations, teach classes at the local university, and actively participating in charity work by producing many websites for worthy causes in our community.

Watch A Video Interview (from 2012)

Our Philosophy

We believe there are four parts to a successful website:

  1. Design.
    We believe that what we produce needs to look attractive and be current with popular trends. We also believe that design goes beyond what you see on your screen; design delivering an excellent user experience. We believe that the time spent devoted to detailed design is never wasted and think it should be the first step when breaking ground on a new project.
  2. Development.
    Development refers to the function of the website. We believe good development isn't cookie cutter. The best developers listen to their clients' needs and efficiently build the best solution for them. Good development includes client involvement along the way. We believe that being flexible is more important than low cost solutions.
  3. Marketing.
    You may have the best website in the world, but if people don't know about it, it's not going to do you much good. We believe good marketing begins at the very beginning of the project – not something you sprinkle on afterwards. We also believe marketing is more than just SEO (search engine optimization) – and we'd love to share our years of experience with you during our consulting.
  4. Education.
    We believe that our clients need to take the time to learn how to manage their website or app and plan for growth. We believe that the more you know about the web, trends, and your visitors, the better decisions you'll make and see a return on your investment more quickly.

Our Approach to Building Software

  • sprints
  • daily scrum
  • test-driven development
  • regular meetings
  • backlog
  • continual integration

We follow a proven methodology for building custom software called Agile Software Development. Part of this includes breaking up a large project into smaller, achievable units and setting smaller milestones along the way. We work with you to determine the highest priority items, and build those first. We call it a “sprint” when we have a list of priority items to focus on. A sprint usually lasts a week or two. We communicate with you often during the development process (sometimes even daily) to show you our progress, receive feedback, and to get your input on project details. Our experience shows that when we build software in sprints, our clients enjoy a higher quality product within a reasonable budget and timeframe. During and after the development process you'll work closely with a dedicated project manager.

Technologies In Which We Have Experience Working

Although this is not a complete list, we get asked from time to time
what specific technologies we prefer to work in.

  • Linux
    for the server environment

  • Git
    for software revision control

  • MySQL
    for the database system, although we have a lot of experience with PostgreSQL and MongoDB too

  • Python + Django
    for the back-end programming, although we have experience in PHP (and various frameworks within PHP), Ruby on Rails, and ASP

  • JavaScript + HTML5 + CSS3
    for front end development. We prefer to avoid Flash for animations as it is losing popularity.

  • Hosting
    we prefer to host our own websites in our private cloud out of convenience (we've been hosting websites since 2005).


In all, we believe in using the right tool for the job. Like someone once said,

“I suppose one could dig a swimming pool with a shovel, but a backhoe will be so much more effective,”

we take the same approach to software development. We'll research and implement the best technology for the tasks at hand.