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Miss Humblebee's Academy

When Crystal Labbe, CEO of Miss Humblebee's Academy, needed a technology partner to help launch her online kindergarten readiness program, she didn't need to look any further than Velocity Webworks.

Crystal has a Master's Degree in childhood education and a specialty in curriculum development. Crystal discovered a gap in quality offerings for early childhood education, specifically in the pre-k and kindergarten space. She went to work on developing an online classroom where children can learn math, reading, science, social studies, art, music, and more through an interactive online classroom.

Most online classrooms use outdated Flash technology. Velocity Webworks created the classroom system and lessons using cutting-edge HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and JavaScript technologies. The system was designed to run on both desktop and tablet computers. Over 400 unique lessons from Crystal's curriculum have been developed so far. The children can play games, solve puzzles, color and paint, listen to a library of songs, read along with books, and interact with animated Humblebee characters. Almost all lessons are animated with sounds. Because the system was developed using HTML5, it was easy to port Miss Humblebee's Academy to Android tablets and is now available on the Google Play store.

Velocity also developed a sophisticated recurring billing system that securely integrates with Authorize.Net, an online store to handle the sale of digital as well as physical products, automated weekly reports to parents that details each child's activity, an affiliate marketing and reseller system, and much more. There's a content management system in the back end that allows Crystal's company to manage tasks for her growing business. Log on to Miss Humblebee's Academy today!

Paparazzi Accessories

Talk about explosive growth! Paparazzi Accessories is an affordable high-fashion jewelry and accessory direct sales business. Fashion consultants sell jewelry through home parties. Hostesses of home parties earn rewards for throwing the party. They started around 2010 and now have tens of thousands of consultants all around the country. To accommodate the growth of their business, some key strategic changes were made in the way the company sold their jewelry through consultants. Paparazzi contacted Velocity to make it happen.

Velocity designed a new online shopping experience and virtual online party system for Paparazzi Accessories. All inventory details are taken from Paparazzi's ERP system in real time. All orders placed communicate via SOAP calls to the ERP system to manage shipments, pricing, tracking consultant's commissions, and managing hostess rewards. To accomplish these goals, a new shopping cart system was developed from the ground up and was integrated fully with the client's ERP system.

Superior Threads

Superior Threads, founded in 2001, manufactures manufacturesspecialty sewing, quilting, and upholstery all around the world. Velocity has been assisting Superior with their growing online needs since Day 1. Superior Threads is backed by three core values: excellent customer service, a quality product, and education.

To deliver excellent customer service, Superior Threads' customers needed an amazing online shopping experience. They can choose from thousands of thread and fabric, find detailed descriptions, filter things down to find exactly what they're looking for, and have a clean checkout process. They can view the status of their orders, be automatically notified when items are back in stock, find similar products, and much more. When shopping for fabric, they can find fabrics that coordinate by color via an automatic color indexing system. Shoppers can design their quilt online from the fabrics they have picked out too.

Educating the customer is a big part of Superior Threads' success. The Superior Threads site features a sophisticated content management system that allows Superior Threads staff to manage the hundreds of articles, blog posts, videos, and other helpful content.


Velocity Webworks was invited to develop an app for the St George Area Parade of Homes in 2013. After devoting hundreds of hours and seeing its success, we decided to create a new venture called ParadeSmart and offer the technology to other Home Builders Associations around the country. So far we've been privileged to provide the app for half a dozen parades in our first year.

ParadeSmart provides a customized and branded app for a particular Parade of Homes. We build it to be cross-platform (Android & iPhone) so that most people can use it. With the app, visitors to the homes in the parade can view pictures, get info on the house, get in touch with the builder, leave reviews and take photos & organize notes. You can see a map of the homes and get driving directions to each home. There's also a "Plan My Day" function where you can decide which homes you want to see and the app will suggest a custom route for you.

There's also a ticketing component to the app. Visitors coming to each home have a unique barcode on their ticket. Our ticketing app reads the tickets to make sure they're valid. You can also sell and activate tickets at the door. When a parade decides to use our ticketing component, they get real-time statistics on who's visiting which home. Visit the ParadeSmart website for more information on what it can do.

"When I first met the team at ParadeSmart, I was impressed by their willingness to tailor the software to accommodate how we run our Parade of Homes. They produced a high quality product and were quick to respond to our needs before and during the event. I would recommend using ParadeSmart for your next Parade event."
Executive Officer at Utah Valley Home Builders Association

Dixie Direct (Idaho Direct, Cache Valley Savings)

Dixie Direct is a household name in our little town of St. George. Tony Chambers works with many small businesses in our community to create a book and discount card you can use at each business. Discount books are sold by schools and other organizations as fundraisers. Dixie Direct has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to our local schools. Dixie Direct has recently branched out to Cache Valley Utah and Idaho Falls.

Dixie Direct needed an attractive site with a solid content management system so that he could manage his discounts throughout the year. The home page features a book preview where you can flip through pages of the book to see the discounts. The site is also designed with SEO in mind so that visitors to the area can find local discounts to restaurants, golf, entertainment, and more.

Ledges Golf Course

People say that the St. George area has more holes of golf per capita than any other town of its size in the USA. It's not just that we have many golf courses, but every course in our town is amazing. The Ledges is no exception. You won't find another golf course with as breathtaking views of Snow Canyon and red rock in the world.

Displaying the elegance and rarity of the course on a website could be a bit of a challenge. Ledges turned to Velocity for help. The site features pages about the golf course, club house, accompanying restaurant, events, and more. You can book your tee time on the site, as well as request restaurant reservations online. The site is backed by a powerful content management system that allows the client to easily keep the site current.

My Golf Trip Planner

Visitors to our area like to book golf, hotels, and entertainment all in one place. The local tourism office, A to Zion, launched a site to fit the one-stop-shop need. They also wanted to make it easy for visitors considering a vacation to Southern Utah to discover the hundreds of things there are to do here, such as ATV tours, guided hikes through Zion National Park, rock climbing, the outdoor amphitheater Tuacahn, mountain biking, sand dunes, and much more. They turned to Velocity for help.

Velocity created an online "My Trip Planner" that lets visitors create a trip plan and add items they want to do while visiting the A to Zion website (similar to where one might add an item to their cart while shopping online). You can rearrange when you want to do certain activities, specify how many days you plan on staying, and discover what others have done. You can also earn up to 52 badges for completing some of the more exciting activities that are available in the Southern Utah area. Once you have your trip plan completed, you can share it on Facebook, print it out, or save it for future use. Velocity provides a back-end system to manage the Trip Planner as well.

You can also book golf & hotels from the website (called the Red Rock Golf Trail). Velocity provided a back-end system to manage bookings, black-out dates, hotel availability, golf tee time availability, payment integrations, and other integrations to make everything work.

"Velocity has been the perfect solution for us in creating some amazing projects. When it comes to coding and creating, the Velocity team seems to have all the know-how and we don't ever worry they will come across something they can't build!"
Paul J
Digital Marketing for the St. George Area Tourism Office

PK Fabrics

PK Fabrics is Australia's exclusive distributor for United Notions (Moda Fabrics), an American company. They came to Velocity for help in tackling a specific problem: how to keep their online catalog current with Moda's while allowing their wholesale customers to place orders on the site according to PK Fabric's specifications.

We went to work to develop a system that connects to Moda Fabric's system regularly and downloads catalog details automatically. Images, descriptions, categories, designers, collections, and lines of fabric are automatically updated on the PK Fabrics website. Special rules for how to deal with the sale of bolts of fabric are followed in the process. In the end, because the client doesn't need to manually update their website one product at a time, the new system saves PK Fabrics thousands of dollars a year. Their customers are also happy to have the most current products available 24/7.

Mutts Against Butts

Alicia Amerson and her gang had a vision: let's clean up San Diego while walking our dogs. They sewed little cigarette butt holders that the dogs can wear on their walk. They also found that it's easy to train most dogs on how to find cigarette butts. Now they needed a hub to invite people to gather together to clean up their area. Since their launch, other communities outside of San Diego have organized Mutts Against Butts events.

The website posts upcoming Mutts Against Butts events. Volunteers can fill out a form to organize new events. A results page shows how many mutts attended and butts have been collected. You can even donate via Dwolla on the website. The site features a responsive design and a custom content management system.