Web Development
Done Right


a team of passionate web development professionals creating custom solutions.

We eat, drink, and breathe all aspects of high tech web development. Our diverse clients trust our skill and awesome support to successfully launch their ideas. We also work very well with other creative agencies needing a little help with the heavy lifting.

What makes Velocity Webworks special?

It's our "genetic makeup" of a well-gelled cross functional team of graphic designers, marketers, software developers, professional project managers, and support personnel.

We're all under one roof, which allows our clients to leverage faster communication and a higher quality output from our innovative team.

You won't find a team like ours anywhere else.

Amazing Custom Applications

2005 - Now

we've developed:

  • Brochure-style sites
  • Online directories
  • Blogs
  • Custom forums
  • Mobile applications
  • Deal-of-the-day sites
  • Custom content managements systems
  • Social networks
  • Scalable E-commerce solutions
  • Education apps
  • Live auction sites
  • HTML5 games
  • Point of sale systems
  • Real-time collaboration engines
  • Third party API integrations
  • Custom search engines
  • Business automation software
  • Web crawlers...

Business on the Go

All new websites we design have mobile users in mind. Although internet technology is progressing at breakneck speeds, by employing the latest cutting edge technology and industry best practices, we can plan for the future to ensure your project has a long shelf life.

Service That's Out of This World

You’re what we’re all about.

We care about you, we care about everyone we serve. Service and caring is our founding core value and our mantra: deliver awesomeness at no extra charge. As such, you can expect one-on-one training, e-marketing consultations, secure website hosting, and much more. You can depend on us for a lifetime.