03.07 2014

Open House

We will be putting on a open house at our new office at 1664 South Dixie Dr. G102 St. George, UT 84770. The open house will take place on March 14,2014 3:00 pm-7:00 pm. Come join us for a great time! For more information about the open house go to velocitywebworks.com/openhouse/
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02.19 2014

St. George Area Parade of Homes App

This year we had the awesome opportunity to work with the St. George Area Parade of homes to create a mobile application. We created an application that works with both iOS and Android platforms. 

St. George Area Parade of Homes App

The application boasts some great visuals for the parade, and is also proving to be helpful to both the Parade of Homes organizers and the visitors. The application provides information on each home, maps, galleries, notes, reviews and specs on the details from price to builder of the home. You can mark each home as "visited" as you go, to help you keep track. While you are visiting the home, you can add a note complete with picture, to help you remember features that you enjoyed making it extremely useful as you parade through each beautiful home.

On the other end, the application also provides metrics to the St. George Area Parade of Homes organizers that they have never been able to track before. This includes e-ticketing metrics, to track just how many tickets are sold. They are also able to better track how many visits each of the homes receive, and gather more feedback about the Parade experience. 

Overall this application is providing a great service to the Parade of Homes this year. You can find it on the app stores here:

Google Play Store - Android Devices
iTunes App Store - iOS (Apple) Devices 

 St. George Area Parade of Homes App

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12.02 2013

How E-Commerce is Changing the World We Live In

Guest Author,Tanner Mangum from Multiple Streams

Before the dawn of the Internet, people had to physically leave their homes to buy things. Well, that's certainly not the case anymore. E-Commerce has revolutionized the way that business is done to make it more efficient and widespread than ever before.
So why the e-commerce phenomenon?

> The Decline of Department Stores

Online shopping is so alluring to many consumers because it's so convenient. Long lines have been replaced by online checkouts. Merchant terminals have been replaced by iphone card readers and apps. Having the item of your choice sent straight to your door is as simple as clicking a button. Instead of taking time out of your day and money out of your wallet to drive to the local department store, you can just flip open your laptop and have somebody else do the hard work. On top of all that, you usually get a bigger selection and better prices online, so there isn't much incentive to head to the mall any longer.

As great as buying online is for shoppers, it can really hurt the people who work in physical storefronts. 
The Commerce Department reported that department stores have seen a 3.2% decline in sales this year, according to US News. In 2001, department stores were raking in about 5 billion more dollars per month than they are today. This decrease in sales can only lead to the cutting of hours, layoff of workers, elimination of positions, and demise of many once-popular department stores. People who work in these industries will have it tough as they struggle to find new jobs, and some will even have to consider making a career change in order to bring home enough money to support themselves and their families.

> E-Commerce and Specialty Products

Aside from the convenience aspect, many consumers turn to the Internet when they want to buy certain items because they aren't available in stores. Department stores typically only carry a specific selection of popular brand name products. They usually only stock product types and brands that most consumers are going to recognize and want to purchase. Specialty brands and rare items aren't going to be seen on most store shelves. 
For these kinds of things, it's much easier to do a Web search to find an online retailer or private seller who is offering the item. In fact, many exclusive products can only be obtained through internet auctions or specialty online retailers.

E-Commerce has definitely changed the world that we live in. While the drawbacks of e-commerce are obvious, its benefits have proven to be invaluable to humankind. Without online sales, it's clear that society would be much different today--but probably not in a good way.
About our guest author: Tanner is an online marketer and digital nomad from Salt Lake City. He runs and operates Multiple Streams, an online marketing blog.

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11.18 2013

Code Camp Champions

For those of you familiar with Code Camp, it's noteworthy to recognize our very own Velocity Webworks team for FIRST PLACE  in the industry division. We're proud of our team and those of our staff that participated. Way to go!

For those of you that are not familiar with Code Camp, you should be. This event was featured on 2 News KUTV with a live broad cast that is available in the online article titled, "Techies Descend On St. George For 'Code Camp.'"

More than 200 programmers competed in this fourth-annual Code Camp. This competition is restricted to 24 hours of programming. Teams are divided into four groups: collegiate, industry, novice and rookie. 

We are ever searching for talented programmers and developers. If you or some one you know may be a fit for our talented team, send your resume to hello@velocitywebworks.com.

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10.31 2013

Operating Systems: The Basics

Introduction to Operating Systems

Operating systems are a mystery to most people who don't work in the world of computer technology. An operating system is one of the most important parts of a computer, providing translation between the applications that users install and the hardware and programming of the computer itself. Without it, the computer wouldn't know how to interpret signals from users and applications. There are many different operating systems, but the three most widespread are Windows, OS X, and Linux. 


Chances are, you're reading this blog post on a PC (personal computer) that operates using a version of Windows. There are many different operating systems, but Windows is by far the most common. In fact, over 90% of all computers for personal use have a version of Windows installed. The reason for this is that most computers that are sold to the general public have Windows pre-installed. The majority of people will buy a computer to use for internet surfing, saving pictures, writing documents, and maybe watching movies. Windows covers all of their needs, so they stick with it. A downside to Windows is that because it is the most common system, hackers and viruses often target Windows so they can affect the largest amount of victims. Users of Windows need to have strong firewalls and anti-virus software in place to prevent attacks on their computer.  


Macs are another type of computer commonly found in stores. Mac computers use the operating system OS X, although many people refer to the operating system itself as "Mac," and in fact it used to be called "Mac OS" or "Mac OS X." Many professionals choose to use OS X because it is a very stable system. OS X does not require updates as frequently as Windows, and it's much more unlikely that OS X will pick up a virus. OS X "just works" without having to do a lot of tinkering in the system. One drawback to OS X is that it only comes packaged with Macs, and many people consider Macs to be out of their price range. While it's true that Macs are pricier than most Windows PCs, they are fairly priced when you look at the hardware included. 


Linux actually refers to a group of operating systems, and they are not commonly found on computers that can be purchased in a store. This is because Linux operating systems are usually free. Different versions of Linux are called "distributions" or "distros" for short. Each distro of Linux has different options, from the pre-installed applications to the look of the user interface. There are distributions of Linux that look like and work like Windows and Mac, and there are some that are entirely different and new. The most popular Linux distro right now is Ubuntu, because it has a simple desktop that makes it easy for new users to adapt to. Many users are discouraged from trying Linux because they think it is "too complicated" or that it requires programming knowledge to use. While this is true of some distributions of Linux, there are many options that are just as easy to use as Windows or Mac.


There are many pros and cons to each operating system, and there are fans and opponents of each as well. Now that you know a little more about operating systems and what they do, maybe you could experiment with a different operating system to see which is the best fit for you. Linux downloads are free, and many have a live mode so you can test it out before you install it. Perhaps someone you know has a Mac, so you could try OS X. I'm sure finding a Windows PC won't be that difficult if you need to try it. Comment below and let us know which operating system is your favorite.

More information

Operating systems:



Ubuntu (Linux):

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