Internet Explorer 8+ logo with the 8+ crossed out and replaced with 9+

3 Benefits of Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 8

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Dropping support for Internet Explorer 8 may or may not be an option for you yet, depending on your target audience. If you review your website’s analytics and find that dropping support for Internet Explorer 8 is OK to do then get ready for some great benefits! 1. You Can Take Advantage of Extremely Useful […]

Microsoft's New Face Recognition App

Microsoft’s New Face Recognition App

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A Face Recognition App that Learns and Grows like a Puppy. Do you often wonder about looking your age? Do people call you ‘Miss’ or ‘Ma’m’? Which do you feel you deserve? Well, there’s an app for that, thanks to Microsoft’s new facial recognition software. One of Microsoft’s teams decided to make it into a fun online […]

Google's Mobile Friendly Update and Your Website

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update and Your Website

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When it comes to online marketing, keeping up with Google is a must. However, this can be a daunting task. Did you know that Google makes changes to its search algorithms around 500 – 600 times a year? Most of these changes are minor and do not impact those who are using SEO best practices, […]


Software that Sells

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Many times we have eureka moments, and think of a great software idea that solves a problem we have.  I would like to share a thought that will help all those software entrepreneurs develop software that sells.  When we have these moments, often the first reaction is to think of all the cool features *we’d* […]


Call Velocity (Call Me Maybe parody)

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  Lyrics by Dan Purcell. Original song is ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen. It used to crash every day angry folks all dismayed “It’s not my fault,” they would say It’s time to redo my site It was looking arcane Explorer caused such a pain It’s driving me insane It’s time to redo […]


Patch OpenSSL vulnerabilities with Ansible

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How we Patch OpenSSL Vulnerabilities As a systems administrator part of my job is to ensure the security of many servers, and the services that run on them. Occasionally the maintainers of various open source software packages find a vulnerability, for which they’ll provide a patch. You may recall a vulnerability nick-named “Heart Bleed” discovered last […]


Improve Your Website Design [Four Easy Steps]

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Loading content to a website and making it look nice at the same time can be a bit daunting. Especially when one has no previous experience in creating websites, and no education about design principles. No worries though, I’m here to save your day. Below are four tips that you can use to improve your […]


Who is my Project Manager?

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Ever wondered who the Project Manager is, or what he does? Well the amount of time and thought he puts into your site may surprise you. As Project Managers, we are here to help keep the design, programming, training, and content loading on task and on budget. We are always aware at the drop of […]


The Water Battery

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Energy and energy storage have always been a major issue for people. In the distant past people had very limited ability to store energy. More or less the only method they had was to cut fire wood, dry it and then burn it when needed. This form of energy storage has obvious limitations. In the […]


St George SEO and Search Engine Marketing

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We Offer the Widest Range of SEO and Marketing! Learning SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can be confusing. It can take valuable time out of your day and to top it all off, Google rolls out a new update just about twice a year! Velocity Webworks, is a St George SEO and Marketing company that […]