7 Ways to Tell if a Programmer is ON FIRE

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Concerned that maybe your programmer is losing his spark? Maybe you write code and want to know how you can reach the next level? Or maybe you read the article on the 5 year plateau. Here are a few ways to tell if a programmer still has the passion to make great things: The programmer… […]


EMV compliance – What merchants need to know

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EMV – Europay, MasterCard and Visa is a global standard for credit cards equipped with computer chips technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions via card reader swiper or terminal. How are EMV cards different than normal Credit cards? EMV cards include a metalic square computer chip which can reduce fraud. The magnetic strips on traditional […]


How to Make More Sales on Your Website

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You’ve Got the Traffic, but Now What? So many people focus on getting high ranking for keywords and getting traffic, but once you get it, do you know what to do with it? The Answer Lies in SEO, Right? SEO is great at getting traffic and rankings, but many SEO companies stop there. They can’t […]


Separating Deploy and Release

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Ever had this scenario? We have new changes we want to place on the website. The team pushes the changes live. All of a sudden, the site goes down. People are scrambling to figure out what went wrong. Can we safely deploy changes for new features? YES! People have the notion that a change on […]


7 Tips for Handling Errors Gracefully

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In the world of software, a lot can go wrong—especially if the software is complex and/or depends on third party services. It’s important that your software is prepared to withstand issues that could arise. Here are some tips that can help: 1. Always Have Logic in Place to Handle Errors This may seem obvious, but […]

Does Your site accept manual credit card payments?

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When starting out as an online merchant it may be difficult to justify setting up a payment gateway such as A few things that may go through your head. There are monthly fees and extra costs per transaction. What if my site is slow to take off? Yet another account and monthly fee to […]


How To Take Great Images For My Website

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Images are an integral part of websites these days. Something about high quality photos makes the user trust your site and its content (especially at first glance). But just pointing and shooting your camera phone isn’t usually going to produce great results. A basic understanding of some key photography principles will make your picture taking […]

Internet Explorer 8+ logo with the 8+ crossed out and replaced with 9+

3 Benefits of Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 8

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Dropping support for Internet Explorer 8 may or may not be an option for you yet, depending on your target audience. If you review your website’s analytics and find that dropping support for Internet Explorer 8 is OK to do then get ready for some great benefits! 1. You Can Take Advantage of Extremely Useful […]