Who is my Project Manager?

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+-*Ever wondered who the Project Manager is, or what he does? Well the amount of time and thought he puts into your site may surprise you. As Project Managers, we are here to help keep the design, programming, training, and content loading on task and on budget. We are always aware at the drop of […]


The Water Battery

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+-*Energy and energy storage have always been a major issue for people. In the distant past people had very limited ability to store energy. More or less the only method they had was to cut fire wood, dry it and then burn it when needed. This form of energy storage has obvious limitations. In the […]


St George SEO and Search Engine Marketing

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+-*We Offer the Widest Range of SEO and Marketing! Learning SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can be confusing. It can take valuable time out of your day and to top it all off, Google rolls out a new update just about twice a year! Velocity Webworks, is a St George SEO and Marketing company that […]

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St. George Real Estate Story

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+-*Shauna Jo Larkin is a Realtor and Co-Owner of RE/MAX First Realty. She came to us looking for a way to showcase available homes and lots in Southern Utah, and to help those who are looking to sell their home. She wanted her website design to reflect her established branding while being interactive and informative. Our […]


A Useful Tool to Manage Email

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+-*In today’s busy world, organization is key to keeping on top of all of the Projects, the lists, the appointments, and the day-to-day activities that we have going on in each of our lives.  I have found myself constantly searching for ways to improve my productivity and organizational skills. Here is a short excerpt about […]


Offlining a Django Website

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+-*For a beginning developer it can be intimidating to be tasked with offlining a Django website.  To ease your worry I will detail a design idea that you should understand to make your journey less painful. A good question to ask yourself is what will I be losing when there is no connection to my Django […]


Avoiding Git Merge Commits with Rebasing

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+-*Let’s talk about Merge Commits. Inevitably, this error will happen to everyone (if it hasn’t many times in the past): git push origin master # To # ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) # error: failed to push some refs to ‘’ # To prevent you from losing history, non-fast-forward updates were rejected # […]


5 Tips for Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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+-*Browsing the web should be an enjoyable experience for all users of all device types. Users can get frustrated when a website is difficult to use on a mobile device, so it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly. These five tips will give you a great start. Don’t Make the User Zoom and Pan If […]


Three Reasons to Use Small Automated Deploys!

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+-*In this article there is no difference between the process of deploying and releasing. There are tools that will separate these two events which I do not cover in this post. One thing that a lot of developers and IT departments don’t utilize is small, automated deploys. This is wonderful to have when writing and […]


How to Write a Great Blog Post

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+-*Think of a question you have had recently, or one that your client has had, or a student, or a classmate, the point is write a great blog post answering that question! Good content is between 200-500 words. Write in your natural voice, humor and emotionally motivating voices do well, but please write a great […]